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  • Mercato Centrale Review – Florence, Italy

    Mercato Centrale Review Mercato Centrale Review Mercato Centrale is the place to go in Florence for all of your food needs, whether you are going to pick up fresh produce or proteins to cook at home or in your Airbnb, or whether you want a quick meal from one of the dozen-plus vendors on the […]

  • Palatine Inn Review – Palatine, Illinois

      Palatine Inn Review For over forty years, the family-owned Palatine Inn has served the Chicago suburb of Palatine and surrounding areas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been a customer for, let’s see, counting on fingers – thirty-five years at least. The menus offer a range of American fare and Greek specialties because like […]

  • Gramma’s Kitchen Review – Walcott Iowa

    Gramma’s Kitchen Review If you’ve ever driven across Iowa on Interstate 80 (Mainstreet USA), you’ve either stopped at this exit or at least noticed the signage for “The World’s Largest Truck Stop.”  Yep, it’s at this exit.  But that’s not where I stopped this trip, I stopped across the road at Gramma’s Kitchen because two […]

  • Nanas New York Deli Review – Crystal Lake, IL

    Nanas New York Deli Review: Tiny take-out featuring “New York Style” overstuffed sandwiches. The “Waldorf” is corned beef, pastrami, swiss, Russian, and slaw on marble rye.  Exceptional deli meats. The “Gabba-Goo”  is salami, mortadella, hot capicola, lettuce, tomato, onion, vinegar, and oil on an 8-inch roll.  Again, exceptional on the meats. The slaw is creamy […]

  • BBQ King Smokehouse Review – Huntley, IL

      BBQ King Smokehouse Review A friend wanted to check this place out, had never had brisket before and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about.  So we drove out to the Huntley edition of the BBQ King Smokehouse, we could have opted for his other location, in Woodstock IL, as well.  This […]

  • Asadoras Argentinas Burgers Review – Oswego, IL

    My Asadoras Argentinas Burgers  Review comes with a spoiler. It’s terrific! I’ve had a great deal of satisfaction lately in exploring unique restaurants in small towns in the Upper Midwest.  You stumble on to them and are almost tempted to say “what the heck is that doing here?” Such was the case in Oswego, IL, […]

  • Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review – Leonore, IL

    Smittys Pork Tenderloin Review The pork tenderloin, also known as BPT (b is for breaded) is a popular sandwich in the Upper Midwest, particularly in Iowa and Indiana. And occasionally in Illinois.  It’s similar to Wienerschnitzel. A pork cutlet is cut and then smashed to make it larger and thinner, dipped in breading, sometimes cornmeal, […]

  • St Charles Tavern Review New Orleans LA

    St Charles Tavern Review New Orleans LA SPOILER ALERT: Written with attitude. I used to go here A LOT. It became my go-to 24-hour place after another favorite, the Hummingbird closed. New Orleans is a strange town in that for being known as “party central” there’s never been a lot of late-night dining.  It’s changing […]

  • Dinos Pizza Review – NW Suburban Chicago Illinois

    Dinos Pizza Review – NW Suburban Chicago Illinois There still exists a “Little Italy” near downtown Chicago, but there’s not much Italian left to it, ‘cept or a once a year weekend festival. No, for me, Chicago’s “Little Italy” is more likely to be found around Harlem Avenue, south of I-90, in the NW suburbs […]

  • Rex Italian Foods Review – Norridge, IL

    Rex Italian Foods Review – Norridge, IL Couple of years ago, I was driving down one of the major north/south surface streets in Chicago, Harlem Avenue.  It’s one of the streets chock-a-block full of ethnic eating and grocery establishments, primarily Polish, but more than a couple of old-timey Italian joints.  I stopped at one, Nottoli’s, […]