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  • St Francis Hermitage Review

    St Francis Hermitage Review t Francis Hermitage Review. Superb. Amazing. Spectacular. Service, food, and ambiance. Run by the sisters of St Francis’ order, the cafe offers French cuisine on small plates or complete dinners. Everything is organic and most source hyper-locally, with bread and pastry products, bakes daily on-site. We chose breakfast items, tho it […]

  • Palatine Inn Review – Palatine, Illinois

      Palatine Inn Review For over forty years, the family-owned Palatine Inn has served the Chicago suburb of Palatine and surrounding areas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been a customer for, let’s see, counting on fingers – thirty-five years at least. The menus offer a range of American fare and Greek specialties because like […]

  • Sicilia Italian Bakery Chicago Review

    In this neighborhood that I have written about before, with great businesses like The Original Nottoli & Son, Italian-centric merchants flourish. One is the Sicilia Bakery, which sells all kinds of delicious goodies as you’ve never imagined, creative takes on the traditional Italian cannoli, plus cookies, Italian ices, coffee, a multitude of breads, and sandwiches. […]

  • Bonci Pizza Review New Orleans LA

    Bonci Pizza Review New Orleans LA Gabriele Bonci. He’s from Rome. Has a popular pizza place there. Set his sights on the US market, and curiously, the place he chose to debut his concept was Chicago, arguably a population that has very strong opinions about their pizza. He opened one, then another. Added New Orleans. […]

  • Please-U Restaurant Review New Orleans

    Please-U Restaurant Review New Orleans Please-U Restaurant Review. “Since 1946.” Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about the Please-U Restaurant, on St. Charles Avenue close into downtown?  Open from 6A – 6PM, this old-timey diner serves all the American favorites as well as traditional New Orleans sandwiches and hot plate meals. I […]

  • The Norwegian Restaurant Review – Rockford, IL

    The Norwegian, restaurant review, Rockford, IL

  • Hazels Diner and Bakery Review, Hebron, IL

    Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was convinced I had stumbled upon the best breakfast potatoes in the country. OK, it wasn’t a galaxy, it was a breakfast horseshoe in Springfield, and after breakfast at Hazel’s Diner and Bakery, Springfield has been relegated to second place. Located in the quiet ville of […]

  • Iras Bagels Review – Lake in the Hills, IL

    Living in the suburbs most anywhere, your choice for bagels is pretty much limited to one of the chains (which are all commonly owned now), the grocery store “bakery,” or grocery store frozen. I think the first one I ever had was at a small deli across the street from my apartment in Minneapolis. I […]

  • Detroit Kabob House Review – Niles, IL

    I was feeling a might peckish, so I was walking through the streets of East Jerusalem one day, the restaurant in my “fabulous” hotel was closed for some reason. I was in search of street food when I came across a cart selling what appeared to be, tubes of foil.  I inquired, ?? ??? ????? ??? […]

  • Jersey Mikes Subs Review – Nationwide Chain

    So I saw this “pseudo-documentary” the other night, and one segment was on the founding of Jersey Mike’s Subs. After reading a bit on Wikipedia, one or the other took a little poetic license. No matter. The shop started in Point Pleasant, NJ, a seaside down equidistant between Manhattan and Philly. After 3 owners, long […]