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  • Harold’s Chicken Shack Review – Schaumburg, IL

    Harold’s Chicken Shack Review Beats me if I can figure out which Harold’s is affiliated with what other Harold’s.  They are all over the country now, but I think there must be several different parent companies. Kinda like “Original Ray’s” pizza places in New York City. Harold’s sells chicken.  On the bone, wings, strips, gizzards, […]

  • Basil’s Pizza Review – Northfield, MN

    Basil’s Pizza Review I hate thinking about anything that I learned about “FIFTY YEARS AGO,” but here we are again, at Basil’s Pizza in Northfield, MN, our go-to pizza as students at St Olaf College. Back then, it was called “Bill’s Pizza.”  My fellow students and I kept Bill’s busy, as did our rival college […]

  • Palatine Inn Review – Palatine, Illinois

      Palatine Inn Review For over forty years, the family-owned Palatine Inn has served the Chicago suburb of Palatine and surrounding areas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been a customer for, let’s see, counting on fingers – thirty-five years at least. The menus offer a range of American fare and Greek specialties because like […]

  • Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill Review – Black River Falls, WI

    Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill Review Black River Falls is a burg in Wisconsin on I-94, two hours from Minneapolis, two hours from Madison, and five, give or take, from Chicago.  It’s a hub for outdoor sports in all seasons, no matter your choice of Northwoods fun.  They also have one of six locations of casinos […]

  • Russ Kendalls Smokehouse Review – French River, Minnesota

    Russ Kendalls Smokehouse Review Writing about Russ Kendalls Smokehouse Review, I can’t pin down how long they have been in business, but I certainly remember stopping there with my dad 60+ years ago.  Long an institution on the north shore of Lake Superior, about 15 miles north of Duluth, Kendalls smokes and sells herring, walleye, […]

  • Laughing Larrys Lunchroom Review – Tomah Wisconsin

    Laughing Larrys Lunchroom Review Talking about Laughing Larrys Lunchroom Review. frequently look for “offbeat” places when I travel, always in search of a great “undiscovered” meal.  Found one at a truckwash outside of Tomah, WI, just off I-94 and I-90, and right before the “I divides.” Laughing Larry does two things well (that I know […]

  • Lake Aire Review, Lake Geneva, WI

    Lake Aire Review For over 50 years, the Lake Aire has occupied, arguably, the most valuable real estate corner in this vacation paradise. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 82 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois, has long been a four-season playground for area elite as well as the hoi polloi.  Watersports and beaches in the summer, skiing, snowmobiles […]

  • Gramma’s Kitchen Review – Walcott Iowa

    Gramma’s Kitchen Review If you’ve ever driven across Iowa on Interstate 80 (Mainstreet USA), you’ve either stopped at this exit or at least noticed the signage for “The World’s Largest Truck Stop.”  Yep, it’s at this exit.  But that’s not where I stopped this trip, I stopped across the road at Gramma’s Kitchen because two […]

  • Jo Jo’s Pizza Review – Delavan, Wisconsin

    Jo Jo’s Pizza Review I knew I had to be in this part of the state the other day, it’s the “lake country” of Southern Wisconsin.  I had scoped out a couple of potential pie places to visit, both old-timey, been around forever, small-town kind of pizza.  The only problem with my quest, is that […]

  • Boomer Baseball Hot Dogs Review

    Boomer Baseball Hot Dogs Review   I love minor league ball.  In the Chicago area, we have six teams, crazy huh?  It’s mostly kids (at least to me) playing their hearts out for the love of the game, most realizing they have little change for the big leagues. The best park I’ve been to is in […]

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