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  • Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill Review – Black River Falls, WI

    Re-Pete’s Saloon and Grill Review Black River Falls is a burg in Wisconsin on I-94, two hours from Minneapolis, two hours from Madison, and five, give or take, from Chicago.  It’s a hub for outdoor sports in all seasons, no matter your choice of Northwoods fun.  They also have one of six locations of casinos […]

  • Alef Sausage and Deli Review – Mundelein, IL

      Alef Sausage and Deli Review I had a delightful time at Alef and found the clerks helpful and friendly. So you can pronounce some of the names of the meats in the service counter? TRY? It goes a long way. Just as it would be appreciated if you were traveling abroad. Take some time […]

  • Franks Chicago Shrimp House Review

    Franks Chicago Shrimp House Review For people who don’t live around Chicago, fried shrimp probably isn’t the first things that pop into their minds as a “Chicago food.”  No, you’re knowledge probably ends at Deep Dish Pizza and Italian Beef Sandwiches. But fried shrimp is a thing, and there are dozens of outlets for it, […]

  • BBQ King Smokehouse Review – Huntley, IL

      BBQ King Smokehouse Review A friend wanted to check this place out, had never had brisket before and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about.  So we drove out to the Huntley edition of the BBQ King Smokehouse, we could have opted for his other location, in Woodstock IL, as well.  This […]

  • Asadoras Argentinas Burgers Review – Oswego, IL

    My Asadoras Argentinas Burgers  Review comes with a spoiler. It’s terrific! I’ve had a great deal of satisfaction lately in exploring unique restaurants in small towns in the Upper Midwest.  You stumble on to them and are almost tempted to say “what the heck is that doing here?” Such was the case in Oswego, IL, […]

  • Freddys Steakburgers Review – Nationwide Chain

    Freddys Steakburgers Review – Nationwide Chain Started in Wichita in 2002, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers has quickly grown across the country, now with over 300 locations in 30 states.  The eatery focuses on smash patty burgers, Vienna Beef brand hot dogs, and frozen custard deserts. I visited the one in Lake Zurich, IL, which […]

  • A Day at An Amazon Fulfillment Center

    I accepted an invitation to tour an Amazon fulfillment center, this one near Kenosha, WI, and charged with handling only small articles (less than 25 pounds).  I arrived at shift change, and was able to view the streams of employees existing the building, going thru a TSA type inspection station, some then stopping at their […]

  • Stones Throw Brewing Review Little Rock AR

    Stones Throw Brewing Review Little Rock AR Meh. Though I didn’t go for the beer, but I hear it gets high marks for a microbrewery. (What’s smaller than a microbrewery? A mini microbrewery?  Anyway, this place is pretty small, in a pleasant residential section of LIttle Rock. Some friends wanted to meet there, so meet […]

  • Milwaukee Burger Company Review – Milwaukee, WI

    I don’t read reviews before I go to a restaurant. I know, that’s odd for someone who regularly writes them, but I want my experience to be my own, not influenced by someone else’s observations. And so many are bogus, anyway, aren’t they? I wonder what kind of person it takes to completely trash a […]

  • An Inspirational Entrepreneur

    I have dealt with dozens, if not hundreds of entrepreneurs, on five continents, during the course of my career. A disturbingly high number of them don’t really understand the basics of business, they have an idea for a product or service, or are maybe in a test stage, but there are some fundamentals not in […]