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  • Byrd’s Hot Chicken Review

    Byrd’s Fried Chicken Review Byrd’s Hot Chicken Review. We’ve all read about the supposed “chicken wars” between the major fast-food chains. There’s a new entrant, and without a doubt, they are the sure winner! Byrd’s Hot Chicken, a mini-chain with locations in SoCal and Chicago, does one thing and does it well, chicken sandwiches, in […]

  • Chick N Dip Review, Hampshire, IL

    What can be better than finding a mom and pop place out in the middle of nowhere? ┬áNot much, in my opinion, and apparently lots of people agree, because when I stopped at this seasonal drive-in, it was jammed. They specialize in “broasted chicken,” burgers, and frozen dairy treats. “Broasting” is a combination of deep-frying […]

  • Algonquin, IL – Riverview Tavern

    “Since 1936” the sign out front says. This is a big endorsement for me, usually, if a place has been around that long, they must be doing something right. Right? Used to be I chose restaurants based solely on another sign criteria: “most credit cards accepted.” But these days my standards are different. The Riverview […]