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  • Hotel Cantoria Review – Florence, Italy

    Great value, outstanding breakfasts, have not returned to buffet style, instead tell the server your selections from a fairly broad menu and she will appear with your plates in minutes. Quality food. Most rooms are simply furnished, very clean. There are some remodeled rooms. Reception is on the 5th floor, press the appropriate bell to […]

  • Mr. Allison’s Diner Review – Arlington Heights, IL

    Mr. Allison’s Diner Review One day at Mr. Allison’s Diner Review.  I’m a nut for ham. Good, bad, fake. I love ham. I once went to a restaurant that offered “flights of ham.” Paradise. I have driven the back roads of “ham country” in the US – Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas in search of […]

  • Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review – Elgin, IL

    Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review One of those places I’ve driven by and never made the time to stop in. I did today, and am I glad.  This shop mixes Asian, French and Italian cuisine cultures to come up with some really fresh and interesting combinations of drinks, desserts, baked goods, and sandwiches. Honesty, I […]

  • Chiggys Gyros Review – Palatine, IL

    Chiggys Gyros Review For me, it’s one of those places I’ve driven by a thousand times and not stopped in, so today I made a point of making Chiggys my destination, and I’m happy I did. With a very extensive menu that includes something for every taste in casual dining, and a spacious dine-in area […]

  • Elgin Turners Fish Fry Review – Elgin, IL

    Elgin Turners Fish Fry Review Every year in the run up to Easter, the local Turners chapter puts on a weekly fish fry.  What are Turners?  Members of a German fraternal club that promoted German culture, physical culture, liberal politics, and supported the Union war effort during the American Civil War. Today they seem to […]

  • I-80 Truckstop Review – Walcott Iowa

    I-80 Truckstop Review The I-80 Truckstophttps://iowa80truckstop.com/, I love this place.  I’ve been stopping by here for 30 years, at least.  Think of it as a “mall for truckers,” but us regular folks can go too.  There are shops, displays, a food court, and a 24-hour restaurant, which is where I hit.  They have three buffets […]

  • Urban Counter Review – Palatine, IL

    Urban Counter Review Not sure why I haven’t been here before, driven by many times, and am now sad this hasn’t been one of my regular burger stops. These oversized hand-pattied burgers are started on the char-grill and finished with a light smash on the flat top.  Cooked to order.  Cooked to your specifications. I […]

  • Papa Gs Diner Review – Huntley, IL

    Papa Gs Diner Review – Huntley, IL Papa Gs is an all-day diner located in Huntley, IL, a far distant suburb of Chicago. In the before times, it was one of my regular go-to’s for breakfast out, but I haven’t back in until today. Their service is without fault, the food is terrific, and everything […]

  • Ross Restaurant Review – Bettendorf Iowa

    Ross Restaurant Review Ross has been around forever, although it’s in a new location than the one when I used to live here.  Owned a radio station here, and the light of my life, my daughter was born here.  For those of you unfamiliar with the city, it is one of the “Quad Cities,” four […]

  • Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review

    Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review Although I have seen these in Chicagoland groceries for some time, I’ve been reluctant to try Giacobbinos, at $13 I thought that was a little spendy for a take and bake pie. At last, the local Jewel-Osco chain had a BOGO on them last week, so greedy pizza monster that […]

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