Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review – Elgin, IL

Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review

One of those places I’ve driven by and never made the time to stop in. I did today, and am I glad.  This shop mixes Asian, French and Italian cuisine cultures to come up with some really fresh and interesting combinations of drinks, desserts, baked goods, and sandwiches.

Honesty, I didn’t even know bubble waffles were a think in the US – when I lived in China, they were quite a common street vendor food in the Cantonese region, including Hong Kong.

It’s an “eggy” batter that produces a light and fluffy waffle that can be eaten plain, adorned, or deliciously stuffed with fabulous gelatos.  I went with pistachio, but also had a cup of raspberry chocolate chip on the side.  The shop offers both gelatos and sorbettos. Sorbetto is made with sweetened juice, fruit puree, or water and it is denser than gelato. It includes sugar and flavorings. The process is similar to making ice cream in that it is churned and has a similar texture. It is kept at a cooler temperature than gelato to keep its consistency and flavor.  Difference between gelato and ice cream? As the name implies, “ice cream” contains more cream than milk, whereas gelato is made with a greater proportion of whole milk to cream. Another ingredient that distinguishes the two is eggs; ice cream includes egg yolks while gelato is (most often) completely void of eggs.

Both were fabulous. Washed it down with their house-made latte, also grand.

Their name means “breathtaking” and it is.  Stop by this family-owned and operated restaurant to support local enterprises.

The decor is bright and topical, the shop is immaculate.

Full menu here, including desserts, pastries, coffee, sandwiches. 

Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review
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Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review

Mozzafiato Gelator and Coffee Review