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  • Osteria del Borgo Review – Florence, Italy

    Osteria del Borgo Review Osteria del Borgo Review. Perfect. Perfect ambiance, perfect service, perfect food. If I’m driving, my car will make a u-turn anytime we go past a restaurant serving steak tartare. Can hardly find it in the US anymore, so I was delighted to see it here. Almost always on the appetizer menu, […]

  • Portland, OR – Dreaming of Owning the Benson Hotel

    I love old hotels. Ever since I was a kid and read the novel “Hotel”, they have come to represent to me, a different time in our history, and I have been fascinated in that they are like miniature cities, and can present logistical nightmares and problems to solve. While none of the classics fall […]

  • Culver City, CA – Fraiche

    There was a time in the not so distant past that saying “upscale dining” and “Culver City” in the same sentence would draw either snickers or stares….not so anymore with the strip of eateries along Culver Boulevard. Fraiche is one such outlet. With a decent happy hour menu featuring drink and food prices, what can […]