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  • Byrd’s Hot Chicken Review

    Byrd’s Fried Chicken Review Byrd’s Hot Chicken Review. We’ve all read about the supposed “chicken wars” between the major fast-food chains. There’s a new entrant, and without a doubt, they are the sure winner! Byrd’s Hot Chicken, a mini-chain with locations in SoCal and Chicago, does one thing and does it well, chicken sandwiches, in […]

  • Bonchon Review – Korean fried chicken in Schaumburg, IL

    Bonchon is a Korean chain specializing in highly flavorful fried chicken and fusion dishes.

  • Jays Krispy Fried Chicken Review, Sikeston, MO

    Once you’ve done “throwed rolls” (Lamberts) you’re left with few choices in Sikeston.  Jay’s Krispy Fried Chicken is one of them, and they’ve been around a long time. Also heard they have a buffet, so you know I’m down (up) for that. Rolled in, ordered at the counter. “Do you want a breast or wings?”  […]

  • JRs Chicken Review – Kankakee and Bourbonnais, IL

    61 miles south of Chicago’s loop, off Interstate 57, one will wander into the pleasant town of Kankakee, population around 30,000. Following a treaty signed by the US and Potawatami Indians in 1833, the town incorporated in 1854.  The adjacent town of Bourbonnais has a pop of around 18,000. The cities were founded at the junction […]

  • Fiorellas Cafe Review – New Orleans, LA

    Once upon a time there was a good and decent family that owned and operated a local favorite restaurant near the French Market for many, many years, until finally the time came for them to take it easy and they sold the establishment. But like many people who create something with passion for a living, […]

  • Harolds Chicken Shack Review – Chicago

    Harold’s Chicken Shack is a Chicago legend. Iconic to all who live on the South Side of the city, after 5 decades, Harold’s has spread to the burbs and even a couple of out of state locations.  On the menu? (Below) Fried chicken, wings, shrimp, catfish and assorted sides. I went with a combo plate, […]

  • Hodaks Restaurant and Bar Review, St. Louis, MO

    Geez, I can count on about three fingers the times I have not been disappointed when I’ve tried a restaurant that is a perennial favorite in a given city. If it’s won “the best of” multiple times, for some reason, it won’t strike me the same way. Much to my delight, Hodaks does not fall […]

  • KFC Georgia and Nashville Chicken Review – Nationwide

    I’ve always been impressed at the vertical/horizontal menu expansions at Yum Brands restaurants (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC). Yum (formerly Trincon) was born in 1997 as a spin-off from Pepsi, who previously operated these businesses as the Pepsi fast food division. They’ve flirted with expansion, acquiring and spinning Long John Silvers / A&W, and with […]

  • Miss Dots Chicken Review, Tuscaloosa, AL

    I’ll wander off the beaten path to try a place I’ve heard about it. It’s a crap shoot. But for a couple years I’ve been infatuated with “sourthern style” fried chicken, and did a fast food  comparison tour across the south for chicken tenders, and I’ve written a number of pieces on gas station chicken. […]

  • Dell Rheas Chicken Basket Review – Route 66 Illinois

    Dell Rheas Chicken Basket Review – on old Route 66, Chicago Based on my personal consumption, I’m  thinking their slogan should be “come for the biscuits, stay for the chicken.” One of the original highways across America, Route 66 ran from downtown Chicago to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica, CA, a total of nearly […]