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  • Chiggys Gyros Review – Palatine, IL

    Chiggys Gyros Review For me, it’s one of those places I’ve driven by a thousand times and not stopped in, so today I made a point of making Chiggys my destination, and I’m happy I did. With a very extensive menu that includes something for every taste in casual dining, and a spacious dine-in area […]

  • Urban Counter Review – Palatine, IL

    Urban Counter Review Not sure why I haven’t been here before, driven by many times, and am now sad this hasn’t been one of my regular burger stops. These oversized hand-pattied burgers are started on the char-grill and finished with a light smash on the flat top.  Cooked to order.  Cooked to your specifications. I […]

  • Big Ange’s Eatery Review – Arlington Heights, IL

    Big Ange’s Eatery Review Big Ange’s Eatery Review. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by Big Ange’s. Really wasn’t aware of what they offered, even tho it’s announced in big letters on a number of outdoor signs. But it came up in a search for “burgers” in that part of the city, and boy, […]

  • Twisted Burger Review – Barrington, IL

    Twisted Burger Review Twisted Burger Restaurant Review. With a few locations around the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Twisted Burger is a growing chain with designs on serving the quality fast food audience.  Just five years old, they have been getting rave reviews with each new location they open. The menu has a lot of customized […]

  • Petes Famous Hot Dogs Review, Sycamore-Maple Park, IL

    I love “mom and pop” places that have survived and thrived over the years. You’ll find a lot of these on the old, original highways of the US, like Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, or US 61 which follows the Mississippi from New Orleans to near the Canadian border. I’ve written a lot […]

  • Busy Burger Review, Chicago, IL

    Americans have been in love with burgers arguably since the first fast food chain (White Castle) launched in the 1920s, but the current infatuation is thought to have come to the forefront around 2011. There are several theories as to why the burger business amped up at that point in time, but many feel it […]

  • Parkers Restaurant and Bar Review, LaGrange, IL

    Your dilemma, searching for this restaurant online, is that it is known, for some peculiar reason, by different names. The name on the building is Parkers’ Restaurant and Bar.  The domain name for their website is “ParkersAmerican.”  On different sites around the web, you’ll see a reference to “Parker’s Ocean Grill.” I’m confused and I […]

  • Around the Clock Review – Crystal Lake, IL

    Despite there being an awfully lot of diners in the US that were founded by, or are run by persons of Greek descent, it’s uncommon that you run into places serving a “Greek burger,” which happens to be a combination I really enjoy. The recipe doesn’t vary much, and usually includes lettuce, tomato, cuke slices, […]

  • DMK Burger Review – Chicago

    Started in 2009, now with three locations in greater Chicagoland, DMK is regarded as one of the city’s great burgers. I found both positive and negative aspects to the experience. I had read a number of reviews prior to stopping by, and I agree with some of both the pluses and minuses. The beef burger […]

  • Epic Burger Review Chicago

    Cooling my heels on a frosty downtown Chicago day, I bumped into Epic Burger, started in 2008 and now with eight Chicagoland locations.  A straightforward, simplified menu, namely, a burger, a chicken sammie, turkey burger, portobello burger, fries, salad, snakes and fountain drinks, period. The emphasis is on quality ingredients, humanely raised, hormone free, and […]